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New Record 97 Peacocks over 10 Lb.

Well here is my final count from my Amazon Peacock Trip. 821 Peacocks caught with 10 anglers. TOTAL 97 caught over 10Lb. 64 over 10 pounds 30 over 15 pounds 3 over 20 Lb. Gary Vawter 22.5 Lb. Larry Longworth 22 Lb. Frank Carbone 20.4 oz. Lb.   It Doesn’t get better then this All […]

Jurubaxi All Month Big 20 LB. Peacock’s

Hi All, on Dec 2nd I will taken a group to the Jungles of the Amazon. This is what you can expect when fishing a private river, “The Jurubaxi “ which we have exclusive right to. I have reserved two week in November 2024 . I’m already taking deposits now due to the popularity of […]

Prime Week on the Jurubaxi ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT DEC 3-10

Hi all , this week in my Kalua 1 today they caught a 27 Lb. 90 cm (36 in) Monster  Then earlier in The Kalua 1 a client landed a 26 Lb. 89cm . I’m booking and reserved the same Prime Week Dec 3-10 2023. .  Price $599 All inclusive ONLY 4 Spots LEFT Call now […]

Jurubaxi River Produces Big Fish

Just got in a new report from the last week fishing on the Jurubaxi River. Once again this is a big fish Private River. They caught 20 over 80 cm up to 22 LB. I have a very few spot left this season. book now 2023-2024 upcoming season at the $5995 before the increase in […]

Possible New Record on the Jurubaxi River

Chad Bell from Virginia may have got himself a Jurubaxi River world length Record.This trophy weight 22 Lb. 90 cm. Caught on a spinner bait,If certified qualifies him for a new world length record. Also caught were a good handful of 12-18 now before the 2021-2022 season fills up. This is a big fish […]

Jurubaxi Opens The season with Big Peacock’s

Well if you weren’t convinced from last weeks post, maybe now you’ll be impressed. Since September 20th More than 30 over 80cm or (20lb.) “8 were caught last week” I have very few openings left for this season. I have 5 weeks reserved for my 2021-2022 season. Next season is filling up fast , can […]

Another Epic Week on the Jurubaxi River

Don’t miss out on another Trip of a Life time, call now limited spots left for our 2020-2021 season Due to our successful past two seasons we are taking deposits for the 2021 – 2022 season CALL NOW – Captain Frank  Carbone 954-325-1115   Be the next Angler holding up “YOUR” TROPHY”

22 LB. Monster Caught Live

This was Bobby and his dad’s first trip to the Amazon and first Peacock Bass ever. Bobby caught 2 over 20 Lb. ,plus several 15-19 lb. also. Caught 696 Peacock Up to 22 Lb. several over 12 Lb. The Jurubaxi is a Big Fish River. I have the exclusive right to this 240 mile river. […]

High Waters ,produced Big Peacock’s

Even with the high water on the Jurubaxi, the river river still brought in the Big Catch. The number weren’t as much but the double digits were. Other having the same results but catching smaller peacock’s. Jump on board for next season , this season is “SOLD OUT”. A small deposit will hold your spot […]

Watch the Battle of a 25 Lb. Monster Peacockbass

Watch as Mike battles this near record Amazon Peacock bass on the Jurubaxi River. Amazon Hawghunter is the onlt Outfitter that can offer this private river. This is a “BIG FISH RIVER”. If you are looking for numbers of smaller this is not the trip for  you. Watch what Mike and his Guide Devalcir , […]

Jurubaxi Produces Another 25 Lb. Peacock

Week 5 another successful trip with several double digit Peacocks up to 25 lb. I still have very limited spots for this year. The Jurubaxi River is a private 240 mile fishery , that only my fish are allowed. This is a big fish river, no pressure brings these results. This weeks trip everyone caught […]

Japan takes on The Amazon

Well yet another successful week on the Jurubaxi River . This group from Japan crushes big Peacocks, catching 3 over 20 LB. up to 23 Lb.  Several over 12 LB. Just some of what was caught. A small deposit hold you week, Call now to reserve your spots for next year. I’m hosting these WEEKS […]

BAM! Week 3 with only 6 anglers

We’ll week 3 was successful again on board the Kalua while fishing the Jurubaxi River. This was only 4 Days on the river. Total 522 10 over 80 cm 32″ 2 over 20 4 – 19 2-18 4 – 17 6 – 16 32 over 10-15 Lb This is a big fish river – Here’s […]

WOW! What an Opening 2019 Season Week

Ya! Gota Love fishing for peacock bass in the Jangles of The Amazon . Last week my Opening season trip caught 75 over 15 LB. and 4 over 20 LB. Here’s just a few Don’t miss out this season is full with the exception of a few open spots. Our next season is starting to […]

Remaining Open Weeks for the Jurubaxi River

Hi All, Capt Frank here, I am hosting the same week on the Jurubaxi December 7-15,2019. This is the same week that my group missed the WORLD LENGTH by only 1 cm. This is the only spots I have open for the rest of the 2019-2020 Season. I am the Only one that can offer […]

Remaining Weeks and Discounted Weeks for the 2019-2020 Season

Due to our very successful Season last year on the Jurubaxi River our upcoming season is almost “SOLD OUT”. The Kalua II houseboat won the EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to fish the Jurubaxi River between Barcelos and Santa Izabel to Rio Negro for the next five fishing seasons. Till 2022/23. Kalua Rio Jurubaxi (Exclusive Fishing)  $5,495.00  6.5-7 Days […]

Jurubaxi River Video

Here is a short video from The Jurubaxi River showing only some of the Large peacock bass that can be caught there. This is a premium trip and is worth the price . This river is know for Trophy peacock’s and large catfish. We have exclusive right to the river for the next 4 years. […]

Jurubaxi Epic week 25 LB. Trophy

This was an epic trip of a lifetime, fishing the Amazon for this group of 15 anglers. If you’re looking for a big fish river this is it, if you’re looking for numbers of small fish find another outfitter. Total was 854 Peacock Bass with the Biggest being 25LB. caught on the 1st Day. 10 […]

Started the season with a 24 LB. Monster

Well this week we ventured into a new river in the Amazon, the Jurubaxi. The water was a little high ,making the fishing tough.“But”. I the first hour on my second cast I caught a 12lb. Pacu on a 3 Bar K-lure. Next my client Arron hits 14 Lb. This was his first time going. […]

Fish Amazon Virgin Waters

If you All, want to catch the real Monster Peacock Bass. Join me in the Amazon. I am offering wholesale prices for the 2018-2019 season. we have exclusive right to a River that hasn’t been fished in years. on an Indian preserve. Take advantage of this Deal. Remaining dates Kalua: 04 vacancies – September 29 […]

20 LB. Peacock Bass Caught on The Kalua

What a week on  board The Luxury Yacht, Kaula , Dec 8-16,2017. I also have openings on Nov 9-17,2017 on board , The Kalua II         These Anglers caught over 2200 Peacock Bass up to 23 LB. Now this amount is ONLY peacock Bass, not to mention all the other species. I […]

Kalua Outstanding Trip Video

Here is some of what went on our trip while catching over 1000 Peacock Bass, not including the several other species. The lures of choice in the beginning were Zara spooks,Jerk baits, & jigs. Towards the end of the trip it was all top water explosions .     WATCH THE THE VIDEO -click on […]

Kalua Trip over 1000 Peacock’s

This week was my first on-board the Kalua luxury Yacht. With only 7 anglers fishing, we managed over 1000 peacock bass up to 17 LB. caught by Harry Standell a repeat client to the Amazon. The lures of choice started out with jigs, Zara spooks & jerk baits, by the end of the trip the […]

On Kalua 1497 Peacock caught

On December 3- 10 onboard the  Kalua Yacht, 1497 PB caught. 70 over 10 lbs and biggest 20 lbs on topwater lures ! We move up the Rio Negro straight to south of Santa Isabel (14 hours) during the night. We fished the padauiri, Ataui and Preto river and Negro itself. The customers were french and Japanese anglers. All of them bass addicted and […]

Well with the water levels being  high the group of 6 angler managed to catch over 500 Peacock bass not counting all the other species on board The Kalua II. Some of what was caught    We had to machete through the Jungle to catch a few The guides crew and our hostess Gigi were great to […]

Fishing on The Kalua II , “Thumps Up”

The unique thing about this Fishing Adventure, It is built to go where the others can’t . What this means is less fishing pressure, more and bigger Peacock Bass. amazon peacock bass, amazon fishing trips The Yacht is designed to take a little as 4 anglers and up to 8 . This is great for […]