Jurubaxi Produces Another 25 Lb. Peacock
Jurubaxi Produces Another 25 Lb. Peacock

Week 5 another successful trip with several double digit Peacocks up to 25 lb. I still have very limited spots for this year.
The Jurubaxi River is a private 240 mile fishery , that only my fish are allowed. This is a big fish river, no pressure brings these results.

This weeks trip everyone caught double digits Peacock Bass up to 25 Lb. fish including , Giant Catfish. All the Anglers caught A number of peacock Bass over 10 LB. Here’s just a few.

25 LB. Caught on a Top water prop lure


“I can offer you something no other Outfitter can, at a lesser price.”

Plan ahead for next season, call now Captain Frank Carbone
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