The Adventure

We operate in the river regions that start from the mouth of the Rio Branco river to the Santa Izabel do Rio Negro area, north of Barcelos , and we are in constant search of prime fishing spots in accordance with river conditions and time of year. You will come face to face with the most beautiful scenery to be experienced in the heart of the Amazon in dark, coca cola colored waters.

Kalua Rio Jurubaxi (Exclusive Fishing)

This river is parallel to the Rio Marié that today is considered the most viable area to beat a record. The Jurubaxi, because it is a reserve, has lakes still unexplored and with an average of larger fish. The foirn has these data but does not pass through the implementation of the inspection posts in order to avoid conflicts of interest.

In summary, the Jurubaxi has lakes with large specimens of tucunaré açu ( Peacock Bass) with dimensions of records. The fact that we have exclusivity and only our operation can access the whole river that has an average of 300 km of extension, increase that potential.

In the waters where Kalua and Kalua II navigates on its itineraries, you will come across three species of Peacock Bass other than , of course, the formidable Açu giants. The Cichla Temensis is the bigger of the species , followed by Cichla Orinocensis and lastly by Cicla Monoculus. The Amazon region is rich in a variety of gamefish. Other game species that can be fished for aboard the Kalua are the Traira (wolf fish), small Matrinchã, small Payara, Apapá , Arowana, , Bicuda and the ferocious Black Pirana.

Fishing for Peacock Bass on the Rio Negro and its tributaries is excellent , especially for the Açu giants that can weigh upwards of 13 kgs (30lbs). It is also possible to fish for giant catfish such as the Pirarara, Piraiba/Filhotes ( 2 distinct species) which inhabit the Rio Negro and its tributaries.

Apart from these exotic gamefish, you will also see caymans , Blue Araras, Monkeys , Nutrias, freshwater dolphins and other fauna that inhabits the region.

Kalua II´s unique 75cm shallow draft , allows for navigation into the headwaters of many of the exuberant Rio Negro tributaries that suffer little or no fishing pressure such as the Jauaperi, Caurés, Kalua II, Aracá, Itu, Arirarrá, Padauiri, Preto, Atauí, Uneuixi and Urubaxi.

Boarding and landing from the Kalua I and Kalua II vessels takes place in Barcelos and may sometimes take place from the port of Santa Izabel do Rio Negro.

Our tour package lasts 07(seven) days with 06(six) actual days dedicated to fishing. The Manaus/Barcelos/Manaus transfer is by air and will always be included in the package price.

The package begins on the arrival of the sportfishermen at the Eduardo Gomes International airport terminal in Manaus. From there, guests are transferred for an overnight stay to a 4 or 5 star hotel in the city (Tropical or Quality Hotel). On the following day , a Saturday, we will collect you for transfer to the airport’s Terminal 2 for a one hour flight to Barcelos.

The trip ends on the following Saturday with a flight back to the Manaus International airport or to a hotel as per visitor´s choice.

The fishing season commences in September and ends around March of the following year.

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The package duration commences upon arrival in Manaus on the Friday prior to departure for Barcelos. This transfer is included in the package.

All members without exception will be collected on the following day, Saturday, at a pre-arranged time for transfer to the Manus Airport, Eduardinho Terminal on a one-hour flight to the town of Barcelos-Amazon. The package ends on the following Sunday on the Group’s arrival in Manaus and their respective transfer from Eduardinho Terminal to either Eduardo Gomes International Airport or to any particular hotel.

  • Arrival (Friday). Reception of the Group at Manaus International airport. Transfer to Tropical or Quality Hotel. Evening Free.
  • Aluminum Jon Boats for each fishing couple with 25HP Outboard(gas included) , 44 lb thrust electric trolling motor, 2 hammocks for post-lunch jungle siesta safety
  • Day 1 (Saturday) : Early morning transfer from hotel to Manaus airport terminal 2 and charter flight to Barcelos. Group reception at Barcelos airport . Transfer to Kalua II or Kalua berthing with immediate sailing departure.

Fishing begins at 2 p.m and ends 6:30 p.m.

  • Day 2 (Sunday) after breakfast (starts at 5:30 a.m), all day fishing till 6:30p.m.
  • Day 3 (Monday) after breakfast (starts at 5:30 a.m), all day fishing till 6:30p.m.
  • Day 4 (Tuesday) after breakfast (starts at 5:30 a.m), all day fishing till 6:30p.m.
  • Day 5 (Wedneday) after breakfast (starts at 5:30 a.m), all day fishing till 6:30p.m.
  • Day 6 (Thursday) after breakfast (starts at 5:30 a.m), all day fishing till 6:30p.m.
  • Day 7 (Friday) after breakfast , fishing till 4:00 p.m. Landing and overnight lodging at Kalua II Inn in Barcelos with a special Churrasco (Bar-B-Q) dinner, Accomodations at Kalua II Inn are in double or triple air conditioned rooms .
  • Day 8 (Saturday) following breakfast at the ranch , transfer trip to Barcelos airport for charter flight back to Manaus.Arrival in Manaus and transfer to hotel or International airport for return flight . End of our Services.

Package Inclusions:

  • 2 transfers on GROUP arrival in Manaus , Airport to Hotel and Hotel to Eduardinho Airport (terminal2) for departure to Barcelos.
  • 1 or 2 transfers on return (either to Hotel or International airport)
  • 7 day lodging – 6 days effectively fishing
  • Kalua II Inn overnight stay on tour completion for the Kalua II Sportfishing fisherman
  • City Hotel overnight stay on tour completion for the Kalua Boat fisherman
  • Saturday breakfast at Kalua II Inn and City Hotel
  • Complete lodging with 3 meals , cocktail snacks etc
  • Beverages such as carbonated or plain mineral water , standard and diet sodas and soft drinks, beer , caipírinhas, 8 year old Scotch, Campari , wine etc
  • Air conditioned dining room
  • Aluminum Jon Boats for each fishing couple with 25HP Outboard(gas included) , 44 lb thrust electric trolling motor, safety equipment , stocked cooler and experienced guide with regional fishing knowledge.
  • Daily housekeeping and laundry services
  • Transfer to and from Barcelos airport
  • Fishing tackle upon reservation (rods, reels etc)
  • Ipaam Amazon State fishing Licences

Not included

  • International flight from point of departure to Manaus and return
  • Any other additional travel/transfers not described in the package
  • Catering expenses outside those on board the Kalua II and of a personal nature
  • Travel Insurance, including aerial rescue
  • Satellite communications-Iridium –US$6.00/minute
  • Items of personal use


Just wanted to let you know I had a great time on the Kalua II and caught about 50-60 fish during the week. Not big numbers but I did catch this 16+ pound Asu and a 12+ pound Paca on my first day out with Kasha. The food was excellent and the service on board was outstanding. Noel saved my life several times from heat exhaustion and I owe him big time for the ice cold towels he draped over my back every time I started to feel like I was going to pass out. Most of the week I fished with Noel and Madineudo guiding the way. It was a dream come true.


Round 2 into the Amazon was a fantastic success!  Can't wait for round 3. On December 7, 2018 Just a handful of so many amazing moments from this trip!

Past Guest

Me and my family had a wonderful time on one of the boats they offer. The crew provided us with perfect service. Thanks you guys! We both were so happy and enjoying our days on this yacht.

Past Guest