Tackle and Lures


  • Propeller Plugs, Walk the Dog Plugs, Poppers , Stickbaits, etc.
  • Subsurface and Bottom: Spoons, swimbaits, deep divers and rattling plugs Tackle
  • Jigs (very important)
  • Fishing rods and reels can be arranged under reques

For Plugging:

  • 25-30lb rods in the 5’6” to 6’6” range
  • Spinning or Baitcast reels with capacity for at least 120 yards of 50-65lb
  • Reinforced snaps
  • 5X Treble Hooks

For Large Catfish:

  • Mono Lines in the 0,70mm-1,00mm range or 80-100 lb braided lines
  • Reinforced snaps
  • 5/0-8/0 circle hooks and 80-100 lb steel leaders
  • Lead weights are provided by the guides who will also catch live bait over the course of the week.


  • Rods in the 9-12 wt range
  • Good Quality reels suited for baby tarpon , permit etc
  • Saltwater Tropical floating lines with sinking tips or full sinking
  • Flies: 8-25 cm streamers and poppers in assorted sizes and colors

Remember to Bring:

  • Polarized sunglasses (plus a spare pair)
  • Personal medication
  • Yellow fever vaccine (to be taken 10 days prior to trip)
  • Cap or wide brimmed hat to protect ears and neck
  • Sun Tan blocking lotion (50-100)
  • Lightweight (light colored shirts)
  • Good quality raingear
  • Spare Camera batteries or chargers(there are sockets and adapters aboard)
  • Waterproof storage bag for in boat items of personal use.

Important information
There is an on board daily laundry service so bring few clothing items. Permissible weight per passenger on the Manaus – Barcelos charter flight should not exceed 15 kgs(33 lbs) plus 3 kgs (6.5 Kgs) hand luggage