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In the waters where Kalua an Kalua II Boats navigates on its itineraries, you will come across three species of Peacock Bass other than , of course, the formidable Açu giants, the latter reaching in excess of 26 lbs . The Cichla Temensis is the bigger of the species , followed by Cichla Orinocensis and lastly by Cicla Monoculus.

The Amazon region is rich in a variety of gamefish. Other game species that can be fished for aboard the Kalua are the Traira (wolf fish), small Matrinchã, small Payara, Apapá , Arowana, , Bicuda and the ferocious Black Pirana.

Other these exotic gamefish you will come face to face with the most beautiful scenery to be experienced in the heart of the Amazon in dark , coca cola colored waters where you will see caymans , Blue Araras, Monkeys , Nutrias, freshwater dolphins and other fauna that inhabits the region.

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