Jurubaxi River
Jurubaxi River
The Kalua I or II houseboat won the EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to fish the Jurubaxi River between Barcelos and Santa Izabel do Rio Negro for the next five fishing seasons. Till 2022/23.

Kalua Rio Jurubaxi (Exclusive Fishing)  $5,995.00

This river is parallel to the Rio Marié that today is considered the most viable area to beat a record. The Jurubaxi, because it is a reserve, has lakes still unexplored and with an average of larger fish. The FOIRN has this data but does not pass through the implementation of the inspection posts in order to avoid conflicts of interest.

In summary, the Jurubaxi has lakes with large specimens of tucunaré açu ( Peacock Bass) with dimensions of records. The fact that we have exclusivity and only our operation can access the whole river that has an average of 300 km of extension, increase that potential.

This is a Big Fish River, if you’re looking for “Quality” you’ve come to the right river, to increase your odds of 20 LB. Monster Peacock Bass. This is not a river where some outfitters boost more numbers, but smaller peacock bass.